Protection Spells

Protection Spells

Protection spells come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. There are various ways of protecting yourself with witchcraft, or to remove negative influences from your life.

To simply get someone out of your life, someone who may just be annoying or bothersome and not any real threat to you, a banishing spell is your easiest option. It causes no harm to the other person, and simply gives them a magical push away. For something a little stronger, you can go with binding spells to prevent them from acting against you.

If the problem is more aggressive, and you think someone has cast a negative spell against you, then you would want to take a different approach. You can either try a curse breaking spell to counter-act any hex or black magic used against you. Or you can actually reverse the spell and send the negative energy right back to the person who sent it.

Do not rely on magic alone if you are in serious danger. If you are ever truly threatened, stalked or harassed, you should always contact the police before relying on a spell for protection.

Banishing spells are much like binding spells in that their intention is to keep someone out of your life. A typical banishing spell will block or push someone away, unlike the binding spells that usually involve cords and knot work.

Binding spells are any kind of magic that you use to force your will on someone, usually to stop them from doing something. Binding them up makes them powerless. One exception would be with love spells. A binding love spell is one where you bind a person to you, and basically make them fall in love with you. But on protection spells, a binding spell is used to keep someone from doing harm to you or your family.

Breaking spells are intended to break a spell that has been cast against you. So if you feel that someone else is using witchcraft to cause you misfortune, these are the spells you want to try. Banishing spells may keep someone away from you, but they will not break any curse or hex already created. And please remember that not all bad luck is caused by someone else cursing you. Yes it can (and does) happen, but be reasonable when trying more magic just because a few things go wrong for you.

Love Commitment Spell For Relationships

Powerful Marriage Spells

Marriage spells help fix and strengthen your marriage and relationship. They are a spiritual cleanse to your marriage and commitment to your relationship. My Marriage spells range from white magic spells to attract commitment and ultimately marriage, to dark magic spells that control the actions of another, forcing them into behaving the way that you want them to. If your partner needs that extra nudge, try out a marriage spell and you will be engaged in no time!

There are also marriage spells to heal a marriage and bring peace to your relationship if you are already married. If you and your partner love each other truly but have been struggling with conflict or infidelity, a marriage healing spell may help you too wipe the slate clean and begin again.

Here is another white magic spell for bringing harmony into your marriage. When you are already committed to someone, it can be very helpful to focus on what is wonderful about the marriage. When conflict develops in a relationship, it is easy to begin to focus on the negative aspects of the partnership. This spell will help you to remember what is worth saving and will enable those aspects to grow and multiply.

Make him commit to a long term relationship & marry you using marriage proposal spells. Marriage proposal spells can make someone accept your marriage proposal.  This is a very strong and powerful Marriage Spell where the person you love will commit himself or herself to you. If the person you love does love you but he is not ready for commitment or marriage then this spell will not only help you with commitment but the person you love will also marry you. The marriage proposal spell is a binding spell.  You should not choose just anyone to marry you. Once you are positive that you want to spend the rest of life with this person, then you should consider this spectacular magic. If you have not yet found your prince charming or princess to ask, then you may want to consider to try some other spells such as love spells, Attraction spells to help you find you your Mr or Mrs Right.